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BIO - Nurit Moguilevsky

Behind the Lens

Nurit always had her own style, differentiated from others no matter which career.
Nurit has a Bachelor Degree in System Engineering from Universidad Tecnologica Nacional - Buenos Aires - Argentina.
Twenty years latter, looking for a change to make a difference, she moved to Toronto, Ontario - Canada.
Based in Toronto, Nurit took trainings in George Brown College and got the Certification in Film & Photography, taking advantage of her strong sensibility.
Nurit loves architecture and she can spend hours contemplating a building, trying to capture a different looking from it.
Since the last few years, Nurit put aside Engineering and is immersed into the photography world, which is what really enjoys.
Nurit likes to tell stories through her shots, because for her that is what really are the pictures: storytellers, more than that, the viewer has an active role by telling his/her own story.
She really enjoys such momentum of people in their own habitat, trying to get the best from each one.
Today, Nurit is focused on working with kids, trying to build a magical world between her, the lens, and whoever is in the other side.
Taking pictures volutnarily on Education Days and Special Activities at Beit Rayim Hebrew School.


2010 - A different look about Tango - Nurit Moguilevsky - Chambers Club- Buenos Aires
Exhibition - 2007. The International Society of Photography. Las Vegas - Nevada
Exhibition - 2006. Images 2006 George Brown College Continuing Education Student Photo Exhibit - The Toronto City College.


Second Prize Winner Open Amateur Photography Contest - 2006
Finalist Photography Vibes - 2007
Finalist Open Amateur Photography Contest - 2007
Finalist 27th Annual College Photography Contest - 2007
Finalist Photography Vibes - 2006
Finalist 26th Annual Spring Photography Contest - 2006


The Best of Photography Annual 2007: Photographer's Forum
Photography vibes 2006/2007
The Best of Photography Annual 2006: Photographer's Forum
Artistic Moments - The International Library Of Photography
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